Is this Misha Ferrari 488 great or gruesome?

Misha Designs has already shown us one, wildly modified Ferrari 488 GTB. It’s rather OTT and, we suspect, fairly divisive.

What you see here is its slightly tamer modification of a 488. ‘Tame’ is a concept that’s all relative, of course; this is still an aggressively appointed supercar. But in the world of Mansorys and FABs, it’s okay. Isn’t it?

The front bumper, hood, side skirts, side intake covers, rear bumper and wing are all Misha’s own, and all crafted from carbonfibre. You can choose to have your carbon exposed or painted.

Misha is keen to point out those parts are all mounted on the original, Ferrari mounting points, too. So while Ferrari’s panels are completely replaced, there’s no change in the 488’s structure.

This show car is wrapped in Satin Supercandy Silver – matt silver, to you and I – while the wheels are 20in Savini BM15 concave directional alloys.

So with the panels straight swaps and the paint a wrap, what we (kind of) have here is some sort of Ferrari transformer. Keep the old bits and if your 488 suddenly clashes with your chinos, a day in a body shop should see your 488 return to normal.

Like it? Or should Misha have left the standard 488 GTB well alone? As always, we welcome your thoughts below…

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